How To Beat The Monday Blues

How To Beat The Monday Blues

Let’s be honest, not many of us look forward to Monday mornings and we all have to fight our way out of the warm comfortable bed to take our part in the corporate jungle.

Monday morning creeps up on you at a time when the weekend is just beginning to h-get enjoyable and the strains of the previous week are starting to fade.

Perhaps looking at the following approaches might get rid of the Monday blues for good:

Start your Monday on Sunday night. Mondays are a challenge because of the shift in attitude and lifestyle that happens over the weekend which is very much a personal space for personal time. Having to pump up the adrenalin and get back into work mode is a big challenge so taking a couple of minutes to mentally prepare for the week ahead makes good sense. Forewarned is forearmed!

Start prioritizing. Make a list of tasks to do on Monday and schedule it into your calendar as the first appointment of the day. Rather than starting the workweek with a blank slate, reminding yourself of the priorities for the day can help you avoid getting stuck in the pressure of a busy Monday morning. Scheduling a team meeting to go over the priorities for the week can help everyone get into work mode and fight off the Monday blues.

Start the day with something that gives you energy. Turn your approach towards a more active lifestyle – join a gym or go swimming to give you that extra bit of a push into the week. Failing that if it is possible cycle or walk to work – the fresh air and physical stimulation will get your mind and metabolism going.

Reconnect with colleagues. Make time to link up with your colleagues and team members; social contact sharpens the mind and you will gain collective strength and motivation from your friends and contacts.

Get a Mentor. If Monday really does pose some uncomfortable challenges then finding someone whose wisdom and guile can see you through the issues is a good option. This will help you achieve your business goals and give you a fresh and revitalised approach.

Good Luck!

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