Using A Sales Strategy For Business Success

No business ever established had more sales than they could cope with and only a very select group of businesses have customers knocking on their door asking to buy products.

We all need to have a relaible method of obtaining and then retaining customers which comes from the execution of a clear and coherent strategy; sales success can only come from using such an approach and obtaining sales without effort (commonly known as luck!) will never last.

Perhaps it might be worth considering the following Six Step Sales Strategy as a starting point.

Step 1 – The Approach. Review what your selling model looks like and refine it/change  it/abandon it in favour of something that has a better chance of success. Deliver a consultative or collaborative approach which is far more likely to generate results rather than the heavy sell approach which will only alienate customers and colour their judgement in the future. Then initiate customer contact.

Step 2 – Needs Discovery. Ask strategic questions that give you an insight into the size and potential of the customer concerned; once this has been done you can then tailor your product solution to where the customer has the greatest level of pain.

Step 3 – The Presentation. Select how you will make a presentation to your prospective customer tied directly into the types of messages that will work. Create a presentation that highlights the features of your offer in the bst possible light and then deliver it. Also think carefully about what your competition delivers.

Step 4 – Negotiation. The first stage of the process is to anticipate the concerns that the buyer might have about your offer. Put yourself into the shoes and see things from the other side of the table. Plan and rehearse your negotiating strategy until you know it inside-out. Once in the throws of the process use win-win strategies but remember you are are problem-solver so listen hard and take your cues from the buyers responses!

Step 5 – Close. Plan and outline how you will close before entering the negotiation. Bring this to a swift conclusion but not at the risk of being blunt or rude – falling into this trap will undo all of what has gone before.

Step 6 – Servicing the Sale. Take time to plan the follow-up process as after all you will want to keep the customers you have just got! Consider how you can follow-through with additional sales and developments , follow-ups and expansion sales to build upon the “in” you have just opened up!

Good Luck!

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