How To Deal With Motivational Barriers

Whatever our personal circumstances and outlook there will be times when we are not totally motivated and things are just in the way of progress. These times are a test and need to be ridden out but, that said, if you are able to identify them before they take hold you can hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls.

Take a look at the list below and see if they ring some bells with you!

  • Fear; does the task ahead (or even the week ahead) fill you with a little trepidation or uncertainty? If this is reducing your normal levels of enthusiasm and commitment try breaking the tasks down into smaller, bite-sized components and deal with each one individually, thereby building up some momentum and energy rather than just having a focus on the one huge demotivating task.
  • Burnout; being too tired to give the task you full attention means that you are at risk of failure. Rather the just diving in half prepared take some quality time out and come back to the task refreshed. What looked like a big challenge when you were tired and lacking in focus will appear as a far more manageable task.
  • Task uncertainty; poor communication of the task and its parameters, resources and end goals create absolute mayhem! Make sure that you fully understand the task and that you are totally clear if delegating some aspect of what you have been given to other members of staff.
  • Bureaucracy; too many rules, regulations and procedures that get in the way are a sure-fire way of demotivating anyone. Always think of the best way of achieving the outcome and remove as many hurdles as you can. If you have been given a task bound up with barriers think outside the box to get some clarity on the purpose and the end result required.
  • Elephant in the room; what unaddressed issues or content has not been made clear and how can you get around this? If it looks like there is a major area of confusion and fog there normally is. Seek clarification!
  • No wriggle room; if the brief given is too tight for at least some contingency or flex this will seriously demotivate those attempting to complete the task. Having a clear direction is good as is setting a measurable goal but constraining too far limits interest and drives down commitment.

Set your tasks with care and if given something to do that demotivates you ask questions, seek clarity and try to look at it from a different angle.

Good Luck!

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