Jeremy Clarkson – A Unique Sales Proposition!

Love him or not love him (and there are not many who DON’T !) the Sage of Top Gear has hit the headlines yet again for what looks like all the wrong reasons.

Or possibly not.

There are very few Brands that a massive following and who have a seemingly universal appeal. The fact that the Top Gear Brand is franchised across the globe is testimony to the power and impact that the format has delivered and continues to deliver.

Dating back to what was something of an experiment as a regional driving programme (BBC Midlands in the last century!) Top Gear has gone on to hit almost stratospheric heights with pretty much continual re-runs on Dave, a huge following on the BBC, live shows across the globe and the huge sales of a range of merchandise from the tacky Stig key rings to glossy DVDs and the ever popular Top Gear magazine. At the front of this phenomenal earning machine – Mr Clarkson!

On the basis that in reality there is no such thing as bad publicity Top Gear hoovers up headlines and raises its profile continually. We can easily remember the gaffes which Jeremy has made but which never seem to dent the way in which the public can forgive and just accept the man’s irreverent and oftentimes very challenging manner – he just seems indestructible. He is just, well, a force of nature.

Driving holiday in Argentina anyone? Bridge-building episodes remembered even if for the wrong reasons? The list is long and very unlikely to end anytime soon. Best not mention the Mexico thing I guess either.

So is the man bigger than the product or is the product the man himself? In Brand terms there are few who can match his impact and influence and judging by the size of on-line petitioners this is unlikely to finish him off.

Perhaps this is another clever smokescreen in the use of a (potential) non-event to raise the stakes even further? Brand Clarkson poached by Sky? Does the Top Gear format have to be a BBC product? I have my doubts!

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