Using Clean Language In Your Sales Pitch – Part One

The way that we think has profound implications and powerful effects – on ourselves as people, and also on our actions, and consequentially the effects of our actions on our environment and people around us.

Clean Language is all about making the way in which we communicate as basic and clear as possible so that we deliver awareness and understanding and make decision-making and setting up long-lasting professional relationships as easy as possible.

The basic principles of Clean Language are the following;

  • Listen attentively; you have two ears and one mouth for a reason!
  • Keep your opinions and advice to yourself as far as possible.
  • Ask Clean Language questions to explore and clarify the other person’s statements.
  • Listen to the answers and then ask more Clean Language questions about what the other person has said. ALWAYS clarify what you have heard (unless the message is so clear that you don’t have to);

There are twelve basic Clean Language questions which need to be woven back into words and phrases from the other person. Supplementary specialised questions are used less frequently.

It is essential that you practice very attentive listening to make certain that what you have heard is actually what has been said.

Skilful use of the principles will allow you to help and direct your prospect which is the bedrock of all sales pitches – good language skills and listening is NOT about forcing people to change!

To start the process off always ask questions about the positive aspects of a person’s experience; what has been good about using a similar service or product to that of your own to find out what perceptions your prospect already has.

Ask about the things that the person wants and also what they want more of. This then opens up the additionally/added value of your offer.

Focus on the positives.

Good Luck!

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