Making Ethical Decisions

Try the following approach to help make ethical decisions – this can be used for both personal and business applications.

Consider the following issues;

  1. Transparency – am I happy to make my decision public – especially to the people affected by it?
  2. Effect – have I fully considered the harmful effects of my decision and how to avoid them?
  3. Fairness – would my decision be considered fair by everyone affected by it taking into account in the widest sense all potential stakeholders.

If you can honestly answer Yes to each of the above questions then you are likely to be making an ethical decision.

If you have any doubt about saying Yes to any of the questions then you should think about things more carefully. Maybe there is an entirely different and better solution – there often is.

If you are stumbling around making the right decision seek out the advice and opinion of someone who has strong ethical principles, and who owes you nothing. Never ask anyone to advise you about difficult decisions if they owe you some sort of allegiance.

Make sure that you learn from your mistakes and remember bad ethical decisions are good IF you learn from them!

Good Luck!

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