Five Features Of An Effective Team

Organisational effectiveness and efficiency is all about the good use of employee expertise and enthusiasm within teams. You will have teams of staff in the workplace but what makes a truly effective and efficient team stand out from the rest?

Chances are they will be the following characteristics;

Meaningful Common Purpose:Individual contributors must collectively understand and commit to their team’s purpose. Therefore, it is up to the manager to clearly define the expectations and responsibilities for each role, and ensure alignment between the person and the role.

Clear Performance Goals: What does success look like? What is the group trying to accomplish? What work needs to be done to achieve the desired outcome? In high functioning teams, managers make sure that all contributors understand and accept both the end goal and the game plan for getting there.

Diversity of Skill and Personality:While managers should strive to have some consistencies in teams bringing different people together who can offer different skills and perspectives will help drive creativity and innovation. Moreover, it will help bring balance to the team in terms of tasks, people, risk and rules.

Strong Communication and collaboration:Effective communication between team members and from the manager to the team, sets the foundation for collaboration.

Trust and Commitment: One of the key building blocks of successful teams is a strong sense of shared trust among team members. A lack of trust impedes on individual’s ability to build rapport and trust thereby jeopardizing productivity.

Take a long, hard look at the teams that you work within or the teams you lead – how do they match up to the parameters outlined above?

Time to make some changes perhaps?

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