Building Trust In Relationships

The job people have is seldom about the money paid -yes, financial reward is important but it is the softer, less quantifiable aspects of the work relationship that have the most impact upon staff and which promote good team membership, motivation and collaboration.

The vast majority of employees would consider the following to be critically important in measuring how they worked for their manager and how that leader could do better in managing them;

  1. Importance; giving people a sense of importance about who they are and about their role in the organisation;
  2. Touch; feeling that the leader genuinely cares about them, feeling a connection with the leader;
  3. Gratitude; being appreciated for their contributions and sacrifices; receiving genuine gratitude;
  4. Fairness; knowing that leaders ensure equal and fair distribution of rewards.

Consider how many of the above points you REALLY practice – perhaps it might be time to modify your approach if you feel results and commitment are not what you think they should be?

Good Luck!

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