What Are The Key Principles Of Influence?

Some people are the Gods of Influence!

They attract positive reactions and with effortless ability seem to be able to win over and impress all of the people they meet. Whilst this may seem very unfair when you are really doing your best to make that relationship or sales breakthrough it is very likely that such Influence Gods have been practicing a few strategies and actions to fine tune this skill.

My point is that everyone can be a good Influencer if you know the key steps to make this happen and you continually refine and work upon them.

  1. Liking and Being Liked. Everyone, no matter how aloof or dictatorial would prefer to be liked rather than either just tolerated or hated. We all need some affirmation in our professional and personal lives no matter how small this input might be. So if we show that we like the person we are talking to we will see this reflected back to us in the way that they react to our approach.
  2. This is the mutual exchange of services or favours; in short one good deed deserves another and if I help someone they are at least morally obliged to repay that service. In this way a reliable and potentially long-lasting relationship can develop so consider how you might use this to your favour perhaps by offering free samples or a free trial of a product or service.
  3. People like others who they can depend upon and who offer certainty in an uncertain world. This is a little more than honouring your word as it promotes a higher level of reliability and knowledge that you can be a source stability and regularity.
  4. The more unique your offer the scarcer it becomes which in turn raises its value. People who are Influential may not possess any more skills than the next man but their offer is clearly different which increases their overall impact. If your product or service does not scream uniqueness then steer the conversation or pitch onto the aspects of the offer that DO make it stand out from the competition. That way your message will stand out from the crowd – and so will you!
  5. Social validation. Is your message socially acceptable and does it fit into the norms of that type of communication? If your message or approach is highly unconventional this might work well in a limited number of occasions but it will fall flat in the vast majority!
  6. Influential people speak, communicate and conduct themselves with an air of authority. They look and act the part. They deliver what they say they will every time and as such become recognised as having status and respect. So, firstly manage and modify the manner in which you both present and communicate (in the widest sense) and be known for delivery and advice of the highest quality.

Good Luck!

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