Audience Persuasion And How To Master It

You can NEVER be totally sure of what your audience is looking for from you – you may well have prepared, rehearsed and refined the pitch to within an inch of its life but the unknown in the whole sales equation is the audience.

Before launching into the sales process it is worth looking closely at the common issues that audiences will need to be satisfied about before giving you an order. These typically are;

  1. What previous experience do they have, either of you as an individual, or the organisation that you represent? If the answer is nothing then come armed with testimonials or examples of companies that you have worked successfully for and who could endorse you or your offer.
  2. What do they already know, and how do they feel, about the subject matter of your message? What communication has already been sent and what feedback to date have you received? How has this shaped your pitch and what questions could you anticipate coming your way at this point?
  3. What do you know about their personality and their current state of mind? Are they open to purchasing, are they an easy sale or will they take some real persuasion and effort to sign on the dotted line? How resilient will you need to be?
  4. Are you trying to persuade one individual or a large number of people? How does your preparation and pitch reflect this? NEVER use the same pitch regardless of the size of your audience – this needs to be tailored specifically to what is needed!
  5. Are they able to act independently, or are they playing the role of representatives or agents to another organisation? This can prolong the decision making process considerably and your attempts at persuasion may take longer than anticipated if the approval process goes through stages. Be prepared to revisit the issues, the pitch and revive your resilience!
  6. What other factors might be persuading them in the opposite direction? What do you know about the competition and what persuasive arguments (based on facts not conjecture) can you show to highlight your offer and to promote its advantages and unique selling proposition?

Good Luck!

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