Sales Preparation – Getting It Right!

Sales Preparation – Getting It Right!

If you are selling something – an idea, a product, a process then you MUST invest time and energy in preparing your pitch and making sure that you really, really understand your offer.

So, what do you need to know about your offer?

  1. What is the background and if necessary what is the historical context of the item or service?
  2. What are the characteristics and specifications? This needs to be crystal clear and thorough – you MUST know all there is to know.
  3. What can/can’t it do? See above!
  4. How does it differ from previous models or versions? What does this mean in practical, application terms?
  5. What changes in future?
  6. How does it stand with other products or processes in the market? Again, you MUST know this so that when challenged you can steer the conversation back to your Offer and not into the hands of the competition.
  7. What are the performance characteristics and specifications of competitors?
  8. How does your organisation stand in backing up your process or product? Again how is this better than the competition’s offer?

Do your preparation.

Very well.

Reap the rewards.

Or, not bother and fail.

It’s up to you!

Good Luck!

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