How To Use Sticky Messages

However we try to make communication work it is a very big ask to get the exact content of the message across to our audience.

Just consider the previous week; how many times did you send out a-what you considered to be a simple enough message but, despite all preparation and care, it just wasn’t received as sent and only parts of what you expected to see happen, actually did happen?

Funny, that. Happens all the time.

The best way of correcting this is by making your messages Sticky so that they are acted upon correctly because they appeal exactly to the receiver.

  1. Keep the communication as simple and as basic as possible.
  2. Separate out the core of the idea you wish to communicate – no frippery or waffle, just the core.
  3. Grab the attention of the receiver even if this involves some sort of unexpected method or activity as surprise is always memorable and more likely to be acted upon.
  4. Illustrate your ideas in ways that are tangible and easy to grasp.
  5. Make the communication credible
  6. Use your emotions and those of the receiver to get buy-in.
  7. Ensure that people believe you – even if you have to produce an Oscar winning performance make it look believable.
  8. Care – get involvement by showing emotional investment in the message.
  9. Use stories to get involvement; painting a verbal picture will bring ideas to life.
  10. Communicate by showing and not telling – visual communication locks into the receiver’s memory far more than verbal streaming.

Good Luck!

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