Is That Goal Realistic Or Unrealistic?

Is That Goal Realistic Or Unrealistic?

Not all the goals we set ourselves can ever be realised.

Sadly I will never be a Formula One World Champion and while it is always good to have a dream the truth is that dreams are OK but realistic goals and targets stretch you further and develop you as a person in the real world!

Being motivated and having a purpose drives us to narrow the gap between what we have or have achieved and what we want to have or want to achieve. If this gap is too big, however, our level of motivation will suffer and we will withdraw from the process. The best type of goal is one where we can progress steadily towards achieving it; small steps of progress and achievement are an excellent motivation because they keep us on-track and keep our focus on the next task.

If this seems a little defeatist try putting in some intermediate goals that will spur you on, that keep the focus on the big goal but ones that will deliver small, incremental wins. Here you have more control and can shape progress and achievement; if the goal is really big then it is very likely that the resources and opportunities to achieve it are not available to you. Given that the natural human tendency is to over-egg the factors under our control an unrealistic goal is therefore at the mercy of luck or chance.

So, continue to think big BUT break down the big goal into smaller steps and build up a momentum of achievement to work towards your target.

Good Luck!

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