Three Career Strategies To Raise Your Profile

There are ways to play the career game that will let you get to the top without changing who you are. There is little point becoming someone that you are not – keeping up the pretence is energy-sapping, keeping up appearances wears you down and you dare not let your guard slip.

Why bother? Life is too short!

You know your work already speaks to your value but to push your profile even further try the following simple career strategies to make sure you are going well above the minimum on a regular basis.

Get Uncomfortable

There is no point just coasting through work – go the extra mile and get out of that safe comfort zone! This does not mean burning the candle at both ends but pushing yourself is good for you! Look for chances to develop your leadership skills, head up a project and identify areas for improvement.

Get on with colleagues

Develop your skills at finding out what your colleagues are interested in and work out ways of combining your tasks with theirs. Good managers and successful entrepreneurs are brilliant networkers and have strong personal connections.

Be prepared

If you have a big meeting coming up, turn up early, sit up front instead of skulking at the back and make sure that you have really done your homework. Ask pertinent questions, catch the eye of key people, and work the room! Make every impression count!

Good Luck!

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