Key Questions For Successful Communication

The key to successful communication can be described in terms of answers to the following eight questions.

  1. Can words describe everything we see, feel, and know about our experience?
  2. When you say a word, does it mean the same thing to you that it means to your listener?
  3. What keeps us from hearing and understanding one another?
  4. How can you find out whether I understand what you tell me?
  5. How should your listeners’ (or readers’) needs affect what you say (or write)?
  6. What keeps us from communicating information to one another?
  7. How does the medium of communication (such as telephone, telegram, thank-you card, or billboard) affect the message being communicated?
  8. How does technology affect communication? Do we communicate to it, with it, or through it?

Use them to maximum effect!

Good Luck!

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