Personality Types In The Workplace

There are broadly eight behavioural types that can be found in the workplace – all of them have their own characteristics and features and help colour the hue of the workplace but each needs to be handled with care and caution!

Spot your colleagues in the sections and handle with care!

Commanders: Demanding, domineering, stereotypical control freaks. They are often abrupt, bordering on rude. They are direct, very direct.

Drifters: Free spirited and easy going, often with a chaotic desk and style and hated by Commanders. They have a critically weak and short attention to details, they fail to follow up and frequently miss deadlines. They have difficulty with structure of any kind.

Attackers: Angry and hostile, cynical and grumpy, often the most demoralising influence in the workplace. They are highly critical of others in a demeaning and condescending tone, and their attacks may be personal in nature, tantamount to verbal abuse. When something goes wrong in the workplace, attackers have a real need to know who is to blame.

Pleasers: Thoughtful, pleasant, helpful, easy to get along with on a personal basis. They want the approval of others, so they give in easily, feigning agreement to maintain harmony. They find it difficult to say a firm “NO”. The office doormat, badly treated by others.

Performers: Flamboyant and loud, jovial and entertaining. They make us laugh, but they can be self-promoting hustlers who use others as stepping stones on their path to the limelight. They create a false impression of their own status and importance by always seeming to be in a hurry.

Avoiders: Quiet and reserved, prefer to work alone. If forced to work on a team or committee, they speak only in superficial terms, in clichés or to validate what someone else has already said. Fear also prevents them from taking initiative.

Analyticals: Cautious, precise and diligent, but also procrastinators who check everything far too much and will always overanalyse everything. No matter what new idea anyone has, analyticals have a reason why it shouldn’t be done. They prefer data to people.

Achievers: Content, peaceful and pleasant to be around, self-confident without being arrogant. They hold themselves accountable for their results and actively seek feedback, listening carefully for the value provided in criticism.

Know them, recognise them, adopt your style to get the most from them!

Good Luck!

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