Overcoming Personality Differences

How do we learn to overcome personality conflicts so that we can work productively? The solution to this lies with the process of ACT which break down into the following;

Step 1 “A” (Awareness)

Raise our awareness and consider the views of others

Learn and understand your own personality strengths and weaknesses so that we can temper our approach to that of others

Step 2 “C” (Choice)

You have the choice to alter your own behaviour so that you can interact in a more professional and effective way with others

Recognise that others may not share your view of the world and that d=sadly we cannot change their views and approaches

Step 3 “T” (Tenacity)

You have to have tenacity to set goals and make changes to achieve positive outcomes

A key element of being tenacious is having a support system that will encourage and motivate us to make those necessary changes. Getting along with others requires awareness, understanding and effort

Use the framework to maximum effect and interact effectively and efficiently with those around you; successful business is all about positive and profitable relationships!

Good Luck!

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