How To Improve Quality Starting With Yourself.

The idea that there will be a huge, ground-breaking improvement in quality in any organisation is flawed. Such events very rarely happen and only on a scale such as the discovery of penicillin, the first mass-production car and electricity.

Quality improvements only happen by gradual, incremental change and may need to be “sold” to the masses and the management to gain acceptance and application.

With this in mind you need to take personal responsibility to do “your bit” to improve the quality of either the product or service that you provide. This may sound like a daunting prospect but you will be amazed at the changes that can be brought about by everyone making a simple step to improving Quality in the workplace.

Try the following steps as an individual and then spread the idea with the team and the wider organisation;.

  1. Identify something that needs to change to improve quality in the workplace
  1. How I will improve it?
  1. How will it be measured and monitored?
  1. How will I implement it?
  1. Implement it and agree that you will confirm that you have taken your allocated action with a colleague who will check to see has been carried out!
  1. Select another issue and repeat the process!

You do not need to be overly ambitious to start – a simple task like tidying your desk or deleting old emails that clog up the system is a good place to start and you will be amazed at just how much better things will look and feel.

Quality improvements begin with small sustainable steps – make it happen for you and your organisation!

Good Luck!

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