Running An Effective Meeting

Before you even think about what the meeting is about consider the following points;

  1. Set the meeting’s intention in advance: what exactly do you want to accomplish?

    If it is simply to share info that is not highly sensitive then send an email instead. If the meeting is to allocate work it’s to get everyone aligned and to allocate work, then set a tight agenda and close the meeting after 30 minutes to keep everyone focused.

  1. Only invite people who will do things, make decisions and those affected by the topic of the meeting.

Big meetings do not work because irrelevant people are there, getting in the way and causing a slowdown of activity.

  1. Identify the Chair and have a tight Agenda.

Make sue the Chair keeps everyone on track and committed to results. Side issues should be banned d before they rear their collective ugly head. Take no mercy on irrelevance or irrelevant people.

  1. Send a recap email of all responsibilities post-meeting.

The Chair will summarise the actions agreed with the use of clear evaluative words and phrases; this is to make sure that actions will follow.

Good Luck!

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