How To Prepare For The Job Market

How To Prepare For The Job Market

  1. Become more flexible; decide what other jobs you could do if your number one choice is not possible or is too far out of reach.
  2. Become more organised; it is very true to say that getting a job is a full time job in itself. Keep meticulous records of contacts, approaches made, applications sent in, responses received and job-related intelligence.
  3. Become a job researcher; this takes time and dedication but reaps good results. The more you research the market the more that you will know what the trends are and what positions are harder for employers to fill. If you know thus you can make employers needs work for you.
  4. Build up your skills/knowledge/experience mix; constantly revise what you can offer, your knowledge base and consider doing some voluntary work which will increase your attractiveness to an employer
  5. Build a personal brand; this is very much what you can offer and what it is about you that sets you apart from the other job applicants. Develop a list of meaningful, positive traits and simple but effective personal qualities that are important to you and then refine them into a positive presence.
  6. Become a networker; use personal contacts, social media, social settings and professional organisations to help “sell” your Brand.

Good Luck!

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