What Skills Do Employers Look For In The Ideal Job Applicant?

  1. Listening and understanding; taking on-board information in a variety of forms and doing something with it!
  2. Speaking clearly; plain English, use of appropriate and evaluative language
  3. Writing to the needs of the audience; tailoring the application and not just recycling an old application for a different job
  4. Negotiating responsively; win-win philosophy in action.
  5. Reading independently; being able to research and find out things without being spoon-fed
  6. Being assertive; not dominating or intimidating but being appropriately assertive
  7. Sharing information; being involved with others in the communication process
  8. Empathising; seeing the viewpoint of others
  9. Using numeracy effectively; no need to be the next Professor of Mathematics at Oxford but a good grasp of number, how it works and what it does is highly valued
  10. Understanding the needs of internal and external customers; customer satisfaction and its principles
  11. Persuading effectively; no need to be the most prolific salesperson ever but some good social persuasion skills are essential
  12. Establishing and using networks; be they IT based or good old-fashioned interpersonal skills getting on with others is crucial
  13. Speaking and writing in languages other than English; a very useful skill in today’s international marketplace

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