How To Tame Failure And Use It To Your Advantage

It is tempting to embrace failure, shrugging your shoulders and put the whole thing down to that good old dumping ground of “experience”.

What a waste of emotion; just as we celebrate successes and use this as a springboard into the future so we should also ne sing the not so successful events in the same way – as learning and developmental experiences that can be used to shape how we function.

Failure can serve as an opportunity to bounce back even better than before.

While some people become frozen with fear or severely limited by their emotions, resilient people have a remarkable ability to tolerate distress. Hard and difficult times are dealt with through a determination and dedication to do their best; this brings with it an air of confidence that they then harness to combat further challenges along the way.

This involves having a clear focus upon their goals using each failure to sharpen their skills and to push even harder for the success that they want.

To make this happen for them they focus on five strategies that build resilience and determination.

They recognise gratitude. Resilient people see that no matter how bad the circumstances are, their situation could always be worse. This means that they put issues into perspective and never exaggerate the scale of the situation however bad things might look! Failure is seen through an accurate lens. Always. This is also accompanied by being grateful for the chance to at least try something new and different; the setbacks and conflicts of now will pale into insignificance next week/month/year and there is always a silver lining in problems and setbacks which may not have appeared as yet!.

They see lessons and learn from them. Rather than make excuses for their failures, resilient people try to learn from each mistake. They identify skills, ideas, and life lessons that can be learned from each failed opportunity. Failure should be an experience where you try new ideas and push yourself into new areas of development – going outside the normal, safe bubble attracts mistakes but is an empowering experience and delivers self-growth.

They identify and work with their weaknesses. Resilient people aren’t afraid to admit they have weaknesses; they are self-aware people and get tuned-in to situations and experiences and actively look for their weaknesses so that they can build upon them.

They recognise and work with their strengths. Resilient people use failure as an opportunity to help them develop and explore further their positive attributes. This is done in a calm and measured way – to be totally arrogant and not self-aware is a seriously limiting life skill and leads only to further disappointment when success does not come easily.

They spend time and energy to plan to improve. Instead of viewing failure as the end, resilient people think of it as only the beginning. When their attempt to complete a project or task does not deliver the expected results they review and consider how to tackle the issue differently the next time.

A positive outlook creates confidence that grows and will give you the ability to face repeated failure with a more open mind.

Good Luck!

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