Making Monday The Start Of The Best Working Week EVER!

Making Monday The Start Of The Best Working Week EVER!

The working week approaches and there is the slight feeling of concern, even dread at what is coming. The Sunday evening nerves start to jangle a little and you begin to wonder how you can do the things you need to do by Friday and how to make sure that, by Friday, you still have enough energy for the weekend!

Just arriving at work on Monday and hoping for the best will never work – even if The Gods smile on you and things start to go well chances are their patronage will not last!

So, what to do? The following might help!

  1. Spend the first 30 minutes of Monday prioritising what the week will bring and what your tasks are. Use the following 4 point guide to set some boundaries;
  • Priority A – Must Do as soon as possible
  • Priority B – Needs to be done by the end of the week
  • Priority C – For next week (may become a Priority A next Monday!)
  • Priority D – Within the next month
  1. Decide what tasks/duties/jobs you can get rid of. This does not mean just ignoring them it means that you give them to one of your staff. Delegation is a key management skill and you should always give away your jobs to staff so that they can develop their skills, fine-tune their experience and grow intellectually, ready for their next promotion.
  2. Take a razor to your Diary (whether paper or electronic!0. remove ALL unnecessary meetings and then decide their fate using one of four options; send a Deputy, send a Report in place of a physical presence, send an email summary or, best of all, just don’t go!
  3. Draw out the week into 10 segments (Monday AM, Monday PM, Tuesday AM and so on) and then block out at least 3 segments as planning/review periods. In these blocks there should be no interruptions, distractions, phone calls or emails being looked at. This protected time will allow you the space to reassess priorities and reflect accurately upon what has gone well, what has not worked out as expected and very importantly what the learning points from that are. Then, apply what you have discovered moving forward.
  4. Friday afternoon is for planning the next week and reviewing the previous week. Few if any of your contacts will want to be doing heavy business at this point in the week. If you work in a different pattern to a Monday to Friday plan identify the equivalent of Friday and plan accordingly!
  5. Commit to arriving early (if you must) but always commit to leaving on time. Everyone has a productive and active limit and there is no point even trying to work outside these natural boundaries.
  6. Analyse your performance and identify if you are a “morning person” or an “afternoon person”. We all work to a rhythm and some are more productive at certain times of the day. I am definitely a “morning person” so I make sure this is used to good effect doing mission-critical work early in the day and less important follow-up activity in the afternoon. It works for me!
  7. Take a good long look at your desk. Take a tip from military intelligence and make sure that at the end of the day it is clear and has no papers on it. During the day only have the papers that you are working on available, file other material away or get rid of it. People with messy work areas are inevitably preventing themselves from doing the best that they can!
  8. Get a good night’s sleep! If you have planned the week well there should be no need to lie in bed worrying about the tasks ahead. Arrive at work refreshed and ready to go!
  9. Use some moderate exercise to refresh you outside work hours; healthy mind, healthy body, healthy work ethic. They all fit together.
  10. Make your diet work for you to help you – ditch chocolate and sugar as much as possible!
  11. Spend quality time doing what you like doing outside the workplace!

Put the plan together and drive forward; do not be put off by unexpected crises that disrupt your plans – this is all part of being in a bust=y workplace. If the unexpected does happen you could use one of your protected time spaces to deal with it!

Persevere and modify but adopt the principles!

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