The Principles Of Win-Win Negotiation

We all want something from a negotiation. If I am buying a new car I want the car for the best possible price; the salesperson wants to sell the car at the best price that generates the maximum amount of profit. What we both want is a deal and neither of us wants to walk away feeling that we have totally lost out from the agreement.

When closing the deal, be sure that the deal is positive for both parties, producing a win-win situation. If you are thinking about walking away, be sure that you are not overlooking some way to achieve a mutually satisfying outcome. This may be the most valuable moment in the entire negotiation.

In an ideal world, a win-win agreement is the only kind of deal that would ever close.

Win-win negotiating does not mean that you must give up your goals or worry about the other person getting what they want in the negotiation. You have your hands full looking out for your own interests. Let others bear the primary responsibility for achieving their goals. Above all be honest and show respect in all your negotiations.

What makes an ideal contract?

A good deal is one that is fair under all circumstances at the time the agreement is made. It provides for various contingencies before problems arise and above all else it should be practical in the real world.

To be sure that you have a good deal and a win-win situation, ask yourself the following questions just before closing:

  • Does the agreement further your personal long-range goals? Does the outcome of the negotiation fit into your vision statement?
  • Does the agreement fall comfortably within the goals and limits that you set for this particular negotiation?
  • Can you perform your side of the agreement to the best you possibly can?
  • Do you intend to meet your commitment?
  • Based on all the information, can the other side perform the agreement to your expectations?
  • Based on what you know, does the other side intend to carry out the terms of the agreement?

In the ideal situation, the answer to all six questions is a resounding yes. If you are unsure about any one of them, take some extra time and do not rush into something you later regret. Ask yourself what could be changed in order to create a yes answer to each question. Try your best to make the change needed to get a firm yes to each question. Then, close the deal.

Good Luck!

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