How To Communicate In A Crisis

How To Communicate In A Crisis.

You cannot predict when the nasty stuff will hit the proverbial fan but when it does, it really does.

So what do you do and how do you plan a course of action out of the disaster? By adopting the following plan you have a good chance of coming out of the crisis and retain your dignity and credibility. Use the 5 C model to tailor your response;

Concise; tailor your communication very carefully so that you do not add more fuel to the fire and give the press or other interested parties even more ammunition. Be brief.

Clear; always make the message very clear indeed so that it cannot be twisted or misinterpreted in any way. Clear messages are just that – they do not add more problems on top of the problems that you already have!

Cool; the atmosphere is already highly charged and the risk of really saying something that you might later regret, even if it is very tempting, is high. Be cool, act cool and communicate in a careful manner.

Concrete; make sure that your message contains solid and reliable data if it is to help diffuse the crisis and put the chasing pack into a different frame of mind. NEVER make up data to suit the situation – imagine if you got found out what the implications for both you and your organisation.

Concerned; make sure that your message shows that you are taking the situation very seriously and that you are aware of the size and scale of the issue. NEVER be dismissive of the situation however tempting this might be!

Good Luck!

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