How Can I Develop A Strong Personal Brand?

Everything that you do demonstrates your personal brand from the way that you represent yourself online to how you treat people at work and how you interact in a social setting. Your Brand is your true self and is the sum of everything about you. If you make bad mistakes, or act in an unprofessional manner, this will detract from the good parts of your Brand that you have been building up.

Be authentic in all that you do

Your personal brand is your legacy and your reputation. You must show your real self — not a fake version — to the world. Living authentically makes you memorable to others; they recall your actions, your expertise, and the emotional connections that you make. Your personal brand shows your authenticity from the inside out. What you are offering is your unique promise of value and something that only you can provide.

Stand for something

You want to use your talents and passions to become known for something special so that you can build a distinct personal brand. To be known for something, you need to figure out what you do well and then own it. And then work consistently to refine it. Only your best attributes should feature in your Brand!

Be a consistently good communicator

Having a clear message is very important but this needs to be delivered in a consistent and reliable manner regardless of who you are dealing with. Every message needs to be perceived in the same way.

Develop your online presence and build identity

Your social media sites often act as the hubs of your online identity, so make sure that they represent you well. Get a critical friend to analyse its content and recommend how it could be expanded/further developed.

Pay particular attention to the use of good quality logos, effective colours and images that feed your brand and show who you are.

Use LinkedIn effectively

You make a first impression online in much the same way as you do in person. Your success with social networking comes with sharing the right information to the right people at the right time and on the right social media platform.

Use Twitter effectively

Twitter is a brilliant place to share your content and promote your services quickly and effectively. Build your presence on Twitter with giving value to your target audience with links to relevant articles, blogs, and websites that offer good, useful information.

Use Facebook wisely

People form opinions about you and your reputation on Facebook just as they would in person: based on what others know about you, the way that you treat other people, the ways that you behave, information that you share, and who you hang out with. The bad news however is that just as in real life people will judge you by the company that you keep, so be very careful!

Use good quality, clear corporate materials and business cards

Your brand identity is carried through all the items that your target audience touches. It incorporates your logo, fonts, colours, and images into one look and feel. Each item should reinforce the unique promise of value that your brand stands for. You want to apply your brand look in everything that you do to create a set of coordinated materials.

Get engaged in the local community

Volunteering is one of the best ways to build your brand, widen your community, expand your network, and serve the greater good. This should sit alongside membership of community groups in which you are keen to invest your time and other networking organisations including Rotary and Lions Clubs. As a volunteer, you want to become known for your character, your good deeds, and/or the causes you support.

Highlight your brand daily

You can highlight your brand daily by upholding and delivering your standards in all that you do. Maintain a high level of self-awareness and always think about things that are on brand for you.

Keep your presence “out there” every day; messages should consistently show your personal qualities, your professional characteristics, and your style in how you apply those qualities to your work life.

Good Luck with Brand You!

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