Who Should I Delegate To And What Should I Delegate?

Who Should I Delegate To And What Should I Delegate? 

All managers delegate – you should never be in the position where you are unable to delegate to your staff because to put it very simply your manager will be giving you parts of their job so you HAVE to pass down some of your tasks to the team. This also goes hand-in-hand with proactive staff development and preparing your staff for career progression and personal development.

So what initial questions can get the process moving for you? Perhaps the pointers below might be a useful start.

  • Where does the assignment best fit functionally within your group?
  • Who has capacity in terms of time and workload?
  • Who has the interest?
  • Who has the skill and experience level best for the job?
  • Whose capabilities do you need to expand to fill coverage gaps in the group’s day-to-day operations?
  • Who is in need of new or different challenges?
  • To whom do you want to give an opportunity for growth?
  • Who would you expect to volunteer for the assignment? (Probably not the person you might want to assign the task to given that it deprives others of the chance to get involved in something new)
  • Who has the best track record in delivery terms? (again – see above for reasons not to assign to that individual),
  • Who would you least expect to volunteer and why?

Sometimes managers have a tendency to delegate mostly to their reliable performers but this overloads some staff and could create resentment among the star employees who wonder why they have to carry the workload for others in the group. Other team members feel passed over for the most challenging and growth-oriented work.

Make a commitment therefore to develop and challenge everyone in your group.

Good Luck!

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