Truly Bad Emails

Be honest – unless you are totally savvy you will have sent some bad, ill-conceived, poorly written and even inflammatory emails in your time.

Rather than repeat the experience perhaps considering the following pointers might save you from further pain and humiliation?

Avoid sending the following emails above all else.

  1. The Urgent Email – Email is the new snail mail. People are not sitting at their desks awaiting your messages. If something is truly urgent, email is not the medium you should be using. Call, text, tweet, or anything more immediate.
  2. The Reply All – Everyone does not need to see your “Thank You” to the original sender. When thanking someone, “Reply” directly to that individual. Otherwise, 57 people suddenly end up with 57 “Thank You” emails cluttering their inboxes.
  3. The Email to Too Many People – Avoid sending emails to more than 2–3 people. Copying a crowd creates confusion and clutters inboxes. Only send emails to the individuals that directly need the information. Avoid using CC, and never use BCC under any circumstances unless you are James Bond on a secret mission.
  4. The Email to No One – This is the sort of email which asks for something to get done but it is never clear exactly who of the n number of recipients is supposed to get the task completed. Addressed to no-one and everyone all at the same time. Brilliant. If you get one of these then do nothing – let someone else do the job. Reality is however that everyone will be doing what you are doing. Nothing. Brilliant!
  5. The Spam Email – sending out total irrelevance should carry the Death Penalty. Do not get involved and instantly delete spam.
  6. The Conversation Email – If your email message cannot be conveyed in less than half a page then it is not email material. Any prolonged conversation needs to be done with a real conversation.
  7. The Bad News Email – Never deliver criticism via email. Bad news should always be delivered in person, not in a bad email. Even constructive criticism can easily be taken out of context or be misunderstood.

Good Luck with your emailing!

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