Having A Successful Job Interview – What Is The Interviewer Looking For?

Forget the type of job, salary and benefits range and the exact details of the duties you will be required to carry out in EVERY job interview the Interviewer is only looking for 4 things. These are;

  • The degree of professionalism that you show on the day – how you dress, how you conduct yourself with the responses to questions asked and how well you have prepared.
  • The level of interest that you show to the position on offer – if you do not show that you are motivated and excited by the job itself this will become very clear and will completely rule you out of serious consideration.
  • How well you will fit into the organisation if you are appointed – nobody recruits staff who will be a nightmare to work with, create barriers and conflict and who have limited interest in working collaboratively.
  • An insight into your personality and how this will complement the staff with whom you will be working.

Tailor your interview preparation around these 4 areas and try to anticipate the types of questions that will be coming your way. This way you will be able to make a strong impression on the interviewer from the start of the interview and make it easy for them to recruit you over the competition.

Good Luck!

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