How To Have A Brilliant Job Interview 

Getting a job interview is a clear statement of intent on behalf of the employer; they liked your CV, they liked your covering letter and now it time for you to meet them and the name of the game is for them to – you guessed it – like you.

The interview is a dance and follows a path and the trick is to make sure that you perform better than the others invited to the process.

Try using the following pointers to sharpen up your performance and to make you truly stand out from the opposition.

  • Tell your story:An interview is a conversation. Don’t fall into an answers-only monologue. Use the time to highlight your accomplishments and to point of examples of your achievements and successes.
  • Know why you are there:Never be of the mind-set that the interview process is weighted totally in favour of the employer. The interview has two purposes which are to show that you are a serious contender for the job and can fit into the organisation and secondly to find out if you actually want to invest your time and energy in the position.
  • Never grovel:Nobody likes an interviewee who is just too desperate to get the job on offer! If you are interested in the position that is great but never come across as so needy that you look like you would do anything to get the position. No employer worth anything would ever recruit someone on the basis that they felt sorry for them; people get employed because they can contribute something positive to the organisation.
  • Keep to the point: Keep the conversation an interaction moving along but only do enough to keep things active. If you talk too much there is a danger that you will have taken over and the interviewer will be looking to end the process as quickly as possible. Or jump out of the window! Never lose the audience and keep your points to a maximum of 60 seconds. Anything over this point is waffle!
  • Respect boundaries: Never be overly familiar. A good interviewer will put you at ease but never see them as your new best friend or someone you feel totally at ease with. Always maintain a professional stance and see this whole process as a means by which to secure employment, not to plan going out socially!
  • Be calm and measured: Make sure that any emotions or preconceptions stay out of the room at all times. If the temperature seems to rise and there is some confrontation coming from the interviewer this may be part of a testing process so do not fall for this ploy and never take it personally. Be cool and calm.
  • Ask questions that show you have prepared: Make sure that you have at least two questions that clarify the interview content or that relate back to the organisation. These should be “open” enough so that the answer cannot be either a yes or a no.

Good Luck!

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