What Makes Buyers Buy?

Until you know what your prospective clients want or need, you cannot sell them anything. You can only present the product and describe its features and then hope for the best!

When you know what the client is looking for, however, then you can pitch the product to their wants or needs. So, what motivates people to buy anything?

  • Need/Problem:Customers may already know that they have a need or problem, but many others are clueless. Until your customer sees and feels the problem and becomes aware that viable solutions are available they see no need for what you are selling. Early in the process, raise your customer’s awareness of the problem so that you can lead your customer through the process of assessing the available solutions.
  • Greed: Numerous products and services are designed to help people make more money. If what your product or service can make people more productive, increase revenue or cut expenses, then you can sell your product by playing to your customer’s desire to make money.
  • Fear: Fear sells. Fear sells everything from home alarm systems to bottled water! The fear of failure stimulates and pushes the seller but this is also true of the buyer who wants your offer to help them succeed.
  • Pleasure: What will the product or service deliver? Stress the benefits and the pleasure your offer will deliver.
  • Impulse: People often buy an item because everyone else is buying it. Take full advantage of a current trend and stimulate impulse buys. Success depends more on distributing the product and placing it in high-profile locations.
  • Fatigue:The relentless sales pitch can be very successful simply by wearing the customer down but this is poor practice and will only ever result in limited sales.

Good Luck!

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