Top Tips For Handling Criticism

Top Tips For Handling Criticism

We all come face-to-face with criticism every day; for many managers this is simply something that comes with the job title as we cannot really expect to be popular and well-considered people all of the time because difficult and contentious decisions need to be taken.

Like everything difficult and challenging that we face the critical issue is being resilient and dealing with the process.

Generally people deal with criticism in four ways;

  1. It is ignored. This is the response of dullards and imbeciles who just do not get what the conversation or issue is about. They have no idea what the conversation is about, why they are involved or what they can do about it. Muppets. To be blunt they have no reason to actually be in your company. The door is over there!
  2. They deny it. This is the clear sign of a dangerously deluded and selective mind. What else is this person leaving out from their warped mind that allows them to function?
  3. They deflect it. This is the response of the master schemer or politician who when put under pressure seems to know plenty about what everyone else is thinking but somehow cannot come up with their own take on the matter. This person has no ownership of the problem that they are causing, placing the blame onto someone else. Every time.
  4. They accept it. The sign of a mature approach and the hallmark of the sort of people that you want around you. This is the sort of person who can then rectify the situation.

Good, committed members of the team will quickly progress through Stages 1 to3 to reach Stage 4; these people are worth keeping with you at all cost. Anyone who gets stuck on Stages 1, 2 or 3 need to be got rid of. Very, very quickly indeed.

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