Overcoming Management Fear

Some parts of our lives fill us with fear, apprehension and trepidation if we are lucky.

So it goes for the workplace.

With both of the above the route to success lies in turning fear and indecision into the positives of confidence and action so that you can move on and face new challenges without having to look backwards.

The following five steps might come in handy for this process;

  1. The fear will never go away as long as you continue to push forward; every time you do something new or push an existing boundary you will experience some kind of fear. Doing new things therefore create fear so fear is part of the package. You need to acknowledge this.
  2. Continually carrying out a task reduces the fear as your experience and knowledge grows. Charing a meeting for the first time creates fear and anxiety but by the tenth meeting this will have reduced and so on the more you do it.
  3. The only way to feel better about your fear, and to reduce it, is to go out and do the thing that makes you fearful more and more.
  4. Everyone is in the same boat. We all feel fear but some manage to hide this well and present an aura of calmness and control – but inside these people are still feeling their fear.
  5. Pushing through the fear boundary is easier than not challenging your fear and feeling helpless in not being able to manage it. The relief of mastering the fear far outweighs the pain the fear can have on you. The reaction here is to wonder why you did not confront it earlier.

So when Sunday afternoon comes around and those Monday Blues start to chime focus on what is making you fearful and then confront it head on.

Good Luck!

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