Make That Sale – Making The “Pitch” Work For You

The Pitch is the critical part of the sales negotiation – get this right and you are on your way to a sale, get it wrong and leave empty handed.

Try the following pointers during your pitch;

  • Have a conversation– You want to connect with your audience, so your presentation or pitch should feel more like a conversation. It may be unappealing to your audience – and to you – to get up in front of people and “sell” them something. But you can talk enthusiastically about an idea or product that you really believe in, and you can then discuss how it will help your audience.
  • Ask questions– Involving your audience is critical to keeping them engaged. If you meet with someone individually then be sure to listen as much as you talk. If presenting to a group, invite questions at key stages during the presentation. Do not leave your audience as mere watchers – make them work and harness their comments and enthusiasm!
  • Focus on “helping” instead of “selling”– Consultative selling means that you identify what your audience needs. Focus on these, and keep your own goals and agenda out of the conversation.
  • Watch body language– Pay attention to all of the body language you see during the Pitch; if people start to look bored or move their hands and feet a lot, then you need to finish, or move onto the next part of your pitch.

Good Luck!

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