How To Make The Most Of Your Working Day

We all have too much to do; the business world, regardless of whatever your role might be within it, is characterised by increasing demands on time, expertise, energy and effort. The saying that nothing is as constant as change rings true for all organisations and all members of staff.

So what can you do about this to keep your head above the rising tide of demands and activity and to even begin to get ahead of the game?

Given that our job roles are becoming ever more complex a good starting point would be to look critically at parameters so that our priorities can be identified more easily.

If you look at a simple layer model you should be able to identify three distinct sections;

MUST KNOW –Priority One –  vital, mission-critical information and activity
SHOULD KNOW – Priority Two – desirable but not essential information and activity
COULD KNOW- Priority Three – relatively unimportant, nice to know and do time permitting

The best way to critically assess your performance is to keep a log of your activity for two weeks and to record exactly what sort of tasks or jobs you were involved with. Once this has been set down on paper analyse which activity fits into each layer and decide if this represents a good use of your time.

As a benchmark Must Know should take up 60% of your time and effort with Should Know at 30% and Could Know the remainder at 10%.

If Could Know accounts for more than 30% I am guessing that work is a constant battle with missed deadlines and much pressure from both above and below.

Make a Diary, review your findings and make your Working Day work for you!

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