How To Write A Mission Statement

The Mission Statement serves as a guide for day-to-day operations and as the foundation for strategic planning and future decision making. It should always contain the following content;

  • Focuses on satisfying customer needs:Focus the business on satisfying customer needs instead of spotlighting your product or service.
  • Based on your core competencies:Base your mission on a competitively superior internal strength or resource that your company performs well in comparison to your competitors. For example, McDonald’s core competency is providing low-cost food and fast service to large groups of customers.
  • Motivates and inspires employee commitment:Your mission statement should be motivating. Avoid glib statements on increasing profits in favour of how the mission contributes to people’s lives.
  • Realistic and clear:Avoid making the mission too narrow or too broad. A mission needs to contain a purpose that is realistic to avoid mission creep, or expansion outside of your intended boundaries. Beware loosing what you are about by shooting off into new directions that are only parallel to what you are trying to achieve.
  • Specific, short, sharply focused, and memorable:Write a precise statement of purpose that describes the essence of the business in words your employees and customers can remember you by.
  • Clear and easily understood:Develop and write your mission statement so you can quickly and briefly tell people you meet why your company exists. If you keep that concept in mind, your statement can automatically be short and comprehensible.
  • Says what the company wants to be remembered for:In the end, a mission statement leaves a lasting impression. How do you want the world to think of you? Your statement can provide simple insight into why you do business.

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