Delivering A Professional Image

Delivering A Professional Image

We all want to be seen as being professional but what exactly does that mean?

This could be dressing smartly at work, or doing a good job. For others managers this could be holding   high-level vocational or academic qualifications or perhaps being a member of a recognised industry body.

There is no doubt that professionalism encompasses all of these definitions. But, it also covers much more.

So what exactly are the features of a professional person?

Specialised Knowledge

Professionals are known for their specialised knowledge. They have made a clear commitment to personal and professional self-development that sets them apart from other grades of staff both in that particular field and in the wider population generally. In short professionals develop and update their skills.

Not all business areas have a stable core of knowledge (and the academic qualifications that go with this); not all areas demand extensive knowledge to practice successfully; and not all professionals have top degrees in their field. What professionals do have is key knowledge that they apply to the workplace.


Professionals set themselves apart from others based upon their work ethic. They are widely acknowledged as being able to deliver, keep their promises and set high standards for reliability and certainty. It is also true to say they are solution-orientated as this builds further on their reputation.

Honesty and Integrity

Professionals always promote both honesty and integrity and can be relied upon because they keep to agreements, a valuable commodity in an uncertain world! If they are given a tasks that they cannot accomplish the professional will flag this up immediately so as not to waste any time or resources unnecessarily.


Professionals hold themselves accountable for their thoughts, words, and actions, especially when they have made an error or if the anticipated plan has had to change. This personal accountability is closely tied to honesty and integrity and is central to a philosophy of trust and integrity.


A professional person has a strong self-regulation approach to both work and personal issues. They deliver a message and a presence that is measured and reliable; this makes dealing with colleagues, customers and the general population an easy and smooth process. Professionals also show respect for the people around them, however difficult or challenging this might be.


Professionals look the part – they spend wisely upon projecting a good, strong and memorable image   which is polished and appropriate for the setting they find themselves in at any time. This groomed image gains respect and they generate confidence in those around them.

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