Management Control – Teflon Coated Management. 

This is all about managing expectations and perceptions and about demonstrating that you are in control. If you can do all of these you acquire a thick coat of Teflon.

Teflon Rules.

  1. Take Control. Do not let anyone get ahead of you in terms of bad news. Their spin on this is unlikely to be helpful. You must take control or else you will appear to have lost control.
  2. Get all the bad news out. You do not want bad news to keep trickling out – if there is bad news get it all out at once. If necessary over-estimate the extent of the financial damage as this gives you some leeway later on and senior management will be pleased that you have pulled back the damage. Greater losses than expected really do look like a failure on your part.
  3. Have the solution. Go to senior management with the solution otherwise you will become part of the problem yourself. This shows you are in control and a force to be recognised.
  4. Find a positive spin. The losses need not be losses. Be clear about the outcomes.
  5. Build a coalition. Get the key players and decision-makers on board as soon as possible. Identify the potential problem-makers and try to pre-empt their objections.
  6. Deliver on your plan. You have just used up a significant number of your managerial lives – do not risk disappointing people as they may not be as generous in the future.

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