How To Improve Employee Punctuality

How To Improve Employee Punctuality

It is not easy to manage a team of people. Assigning tasks, delegating, and making sure everything is done properly and on time is no mean feat! A key essential in all of this is making sure that your staff arrive and leave when they should and not when they think it is acceptable to do so. Good timekeeping ensures productivity and efficiency.

Try these basic techniques out and see how they work for you.

Progressive Deadlines – If you are constantly faced with missing deadlines because members of your team arrive late you need to establish progressive deadlines. Set deadlines for the completion of the project but also introduce mini-deadlines when you will look at what has been produced at each stage. Setting multiple deadlines makes your employees work on the project continuously, versus waiting until the final due date and running out of time.

Keep a Log – One of the best ways to improve employee productivity is to show the members of your team how efficient or inefficient they are. Instruct employees to write down what is being done every 30 minutes in a daily log. Then, have them add up the time spent on each activity or project at the end of the week.

This way, you and your staff can compare how long it takes each individual to complete the same or similar tasks. If one person completes a job in two hours, while the other does it in four, you can set up a plan to improve their performance and help that team member become more productive.

Manage Personal Time – Many employees find it difficult to concentrate on a certain task for an extended amount of time. Whilst social media is a wonderful tool if used for personal use it needs to be accessed in non-work time; make sure that your team know this and if necessary set up some tracking software to monitor computer usage.

Good luck!

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