Making Full Use of the Exit Interview – Part Two

Making Full Use of the Exit Interview – Part Two

Following on from the previous publication (Making Full Use Of The Exit Interview Part One) key detail and insight from the departing employee needs to be maximised if we are successfully to get real detail into how we are actually performing as an organisation and not how we think things are going.

Putting aside the emotion of departure (for whatever reason) we must grasp this last chance to modify and amend systems and procedures to better shape the way forward.

The second batch of questions could look something like this;

What can you say about communications within the company/your department?

What improvements do you think can be made to customer service and relations?

How would you describe the culture or ‘feel’ of the organization?

Were you developed/did you have a quality Induction to your role?

What improvement could be made to the way that this was carried out?

How could you have been helped to better know/understand/work with other departments?

Tell me about how your performance was measured and the feedback to you of your performance results

How well do you think the appraisal system worked for you?

How did your manager motivate you during your time with us and how could that have been improved?

Tell me about how you were managed on a daily basis. Was this a motivating aspect of your time with us and what could have been done differently?

What examples of poor practice either in regard to the work or the way you were dealt with e.g. wasted resources, pointless reports, meetings, bureaucracy, etc., can you identify?

How could we have helped you to make better use of your time?

How can we successfully get and make better use of the views and experience of our staff?

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