5 Performance Objectives For All Organisations

5 Performance Objectives For All Organisations.

Quality – reduces costs and increases dependability. This will open up new markets and customers especially where your actual, or perceived, level of quality is better than that of your competitors. Wherever possible seek out, achieve and maintain a Quality Standard.

Speed – reduces inventories and reduces risks. No customer likes waiting excessive periods of time for your product or service – the longer the wait the shorter the fuse that is unhappy customers.

Dependability – saves time and money and gives stability. If the customer likes the product, it does what it claims to do every time it is used it is dependable. Dependability equals repeat business.

Flexibility – speeds up response, saves time and maintains dependability. Avoid the stifling atmosphere that is a bureaucracy and have a structure and philosophy that embraces change and continually morphs itself into a truly outward-looking organisation.

Cost – low-cost is a universally attractive objective but only if it delivers exactly what the product or service claims to be able to do. Celebrate low cost but only when it comes with quality.

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