Asking Difficult Questions

Asking Difficult Questions

Regardless of what we think, or perhaps would like to think, all organisations, individuals or teams have to be firmly rooted in reality or otherwise huge amounts of effort and energy will be wasted for no good end. Self-delusion is not a pretty thing!

Having the right facts making a decision is easy. Using nice and convenient opinions and views, data that has been shaped to meet your view, information that is just too pink and fluffy, generalisations and distortions lead to serious strategic and operational failure. Time and again.

The more time you spend gathering data that then becomes information that then becomes Knowledge, the better. This generates the right answers every time.

So what questions should I be asking?

What Are The Facts?

Is the data you have unshakable? How do you know? Are you assuming it or is it rock solid?

Are there any other facts associated with it? Are you deleting anything? What is the source of the data?

What Don’t I Know?

What are the additional unknown facts that may support or undermine what you believe? Keep digging and never stop.

What Don’t I Want To Admit?


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