How To Get The Most From Your Commute

Managing Your Commute

It is a sad fact of life that our careers will inevitably involve some degree of travelling to get the job we really want, the career progression we aspire to and the income and status levels we crave.

The idea that our parents had that the job you had one that was near to where you live has gone. And thank heavens for that if you live in the middle of proverbial nowhere!

People travel to work – some travel greater distances than others – but vast numbers of us do it even in the digital age where homeworking is becoming increasingly common.

The key to using this time effectively is to harness it so that it becomes a productive and useful time slot and a means by which to distress about the forthcoming day. With minimal preparation it can become a time for you to think, reflect, relax, and learn new skills.

How to Improve Your Commute

Change Your Mind-Set

Some people view their commute as a chore that they must complete to be able to do their job. However, a mind-set like this can increase stress and frustration. It can also lead to negativity and conflict at work.

Try not to view your commute as a negative experience; instead, try to think about it as time that you can use to enhance your skills, reflect on your dreams and achievements, or just relax.

Learn to Relax

There are many methods that you could use but that involve stretching and relaxing your body to a set pattern, practising deep and relaxing breathing and listening to music help calm and relax you ahead of arriving at work.

Being Active

If possible cycle or walk at least parts of your commute to introduce some additional activity and exercise into your day. Some physical activity adds an extra dimension to the process of commuting – try getting off the bus two stops earlier than you would normally and walk the rest of the way. You will be more mentally alert and fresh rather than just sitting down watching the world go it possible to park further out from the office and then use a folding bicycle to finish off the rest of the journey?

You could also join a gym close to your office. Working out for an hour before or after work will improve your health and lower your stress levels. It may also help you avoid the worst of the rush hour.

Be Productive

Productive use of travel time could include reading trade journals or magazines and use your personal technology to catch up with relevant business news and blog articles. You can also listen to audiobooks and perhaps combine this with Open University or some other distance learning options.

Commuting is also a great way to review your targets and plan your activities to meet your objectives in a neutral atmosphere away from the pressures of the workplace.

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