10 Top Tips For Improving Quality

10 Top Tips For Improving Quality

How can you quickly and at minimal cost improve quality in your team, organisation or product?

Try the following and see the positive outcomes you gain.

  1. Ask the Caretaker and Office Cleaner what they think customers want from your organisation, making sure that you thank them for their contribution.
  2. Spend half a day answering the telephones each month – get a real feel, not an imaginary, sugar-coated feel for what customers are asking for.
  3. Call a customer at random each month and ask them questions about how they see your service. Be prepared for good news and not-so-good news.
  4. Put quality issues as the first item on all meeting agendas – no excuses.
  5. On each workday ask one of your staff on a random work-related topic “Why do we do it this way?”
  6. Choose something at work that just seems plainly wrong or just daft, probably a routine that has been around for a long time, and ask “Why do we do it that way?”
  7. Ask each employee to contact a customer a week to find out what they need from your company.
  8. Make full use of the information you have collected in 7. to refine your offer.
  9. Ask your staff for one really simple, basic change that could be implemented that would make them more effective and efficient. Listen and then act on the suggestions.
  10. Make sure that you never inspect quality into your product or service.

Good luck!

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