Top Tips For An Excellent Working Day

We all get out of bed sometimes a little apprehensive about what the forthcoming day or week will bring and occasionally we might actually prefer to stay under the quilt!

Try the following Tips to energise your working day and to both increase your productivity and effectiveness and inspire your colleagues;

Dress to impress; this does not mean spending all of your salary on designer clothes but make sure that you look professional, business-like and above all ask yourself in front of the mirror “Do I look the part and if I arrived for an interview would I employ me looking like this?” Looking good makes you feel good. Looking like a tramp makes you feel something different.

Arrive on time; if you have arrived on time then the first piece of planning your day has been a success! You look the part and are ready to go when you need to be. Nothing looks worse that a manager arriving in a bedraggled state, grumpy and frustrated from the commute, not in a fresh state of mind and with a negative outlook!

Take a deep breath; always take time to pause and ponder on a task or set of circumstances before diving into the problem or issue. A few minutes considering options saves huge amounts of time later on.

Eat a proper breakfast; skipping the first meal of the day does not help your metabolism nor does it mean you can motor on to Lunch with no loss of energy. Avoid the death-on-a-plate fry-up, go healthy and ask yourself why it is that athletes never leave breakfast off their daily routines.

Organise your day; the first 60 minutes is your most productive time for deciding how to spend the day. If the day has no clear path chances are you will get precious little achieved.

Organise your desk; a tidy desk is a tidy mind. Always was, always is. If your workspace is untidy can you find anything? Are you actually controlling the space or is it controlling you? How much time do you spend looking for something? ANY time spent looking for something is wasted time.

Take a mid-morning break; do not be tempted to power on through to Lunch. A break gives you time to reflect and stretch your legs, take the views of colleagues and return with new energy levels. Or you could just keep going and become progressively less productive and more prone to error. Up to you really!

Avoid being moody; easier said than done but nobody likes moody or grumpy people. Positive people attract positive people and we all tend to avoid the Office Grinch.

Recognise when your most productive times are; schedule key pieces of work into that time and save the less productive times for routine tasks and admin.

Leave on time; this should be the general rule because if you have planned out the day well there should be no need to stay on. Unless there is an unexpected crisis to deal with but this will not be of your making of course.

Make every day an excellent day – those who get promoted live by this code – make it work for you.

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