Top Tips For Being Happy!

Happiness is common sense but sadly not common practice. You only have to look around you on the morning commute, daily trip to the coffee shop or look across the office to see people who are plainly not happy, for whatever reason.

We are able to influence the way in which we see the world and we can help ourselves by doing happy things and making them a habit which then increases our chances of maintaining a happy outlook.

Do something nice for someone else; this will instantly make you feel better and the reaction from the recipient tells you how good a move this was.

Tell someone when they do something good; give a small but sincere message of praise when you receive good customer service or when someone helps you out.

Use the 10/5 model; smile at everyone who comes within 10 feet of you and make eye contact and say hello to everyone who comes within 5 feet of you. You will be amazed at the positive reactions you will receive which in turn makes you feel better and a happier person.

Say nice things about people behind their back; the recipient when they hear about this will automatically see you in a good light which, in turn, will improve the way in which they see you which you will be able to see.

Ignore your own critical voice; do not listen to the negative inner voice which usually drives on within us – change this to a more positive and motivational voice that spurs you on to greater achievements or deeds.

Happiness is infectious; you can brighten up those around you with your positive and happy outlook on life. Dowdy, miserable people always bring down the mood in a room to their level. Challenge this and make a difference to those around you.

Use the Four Minute Rule; be the best you possibly can be and be happy and positive for the first four minutes of arriving at work or at a meeting. This will again improve the mood of the moment and raise everyone’s spirits.

Reframe situations; never think the worst of a situation, always look for positives that balance out the negativity. An example could be that missing the bus is a setback but it gives you the opportunity to enjoy more of the fresh air.

Show a real interest in other people; the more questions you ask about others the more they will want to know about you and your opinions and experiences. This in turn will widen your social and business connections opening up new opportunities and friendships something that brings happiness and involvement.

Be positive; walk with confidence with a smile on your face (not a painted-on face!) which makes you a happier and more content person.

Try a few of the above out, experiment and reap the benefits of a happier and more content outlook.

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