Management Creativity – Make a Bigger Impact.

Management is a competitive game – to get on you need to stand above the competition, be more savvy, be more skilled and be more creative so that you get more from the resources you are given.

Good managers get an extra push in their careers by thinking in ways that are often different to the norm but certainly more focused on doing things differently.

To increase your creative ability try working through the following steps.

  1. Preparation– becoming immersed in problems and issues that are interesting and that arouse curiosity. Really, really get those creative juices flowing.
  2. Incubation– allowing ideas to turn around in your mind without thinking about them consciously.
  3. Insight– experiencing the moment when the problem makes sense, and you understand the fundamental issue. The “lightning bolt” moment.
  4. Evaluation– taking time to make sure that the insight provides sufficient value to outweigh the various costs involved in implementation.
  5. Elaboration– creating a plan to implement the solution, and following through.

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