Why Do Teams Fail?

We spend huge amounts of time, effort, preparation, planning and financial resources in an attempt to bring together our best Team to solve problems, devise strategies and just make the organisation work better.

We have high hopes for our chosen Team, recruiting the best minds, sharpest thinkers and most creative types.

And yet the Team does not deliver or function in the way we hoped or expected it to do.

The reason (or reasons) will be in the list below;

  1. Restricting information – one member will withhold critical pieces of information for often unknown or obscure reasons
  2. Lying – deliberate distortion of facts and reality
  3. Paring – the formation of sub-groups that will compete and disrupt the overall effectiveness of the bigger Team
  4. Fighting – Win/Lose conflicts within the bigger Team
  5. Withdrawal – some members will absent themselves from the action and take no part in the process
  6. Presence – speaking and contributing just to be heard and not to make a contribution of any value
  7. Masking emotions – members seeking a logical and cold solution or contribution where a more productive way would be to vent some anger and get the task moving forward

Looking at the list are YOU guilty of any of them?

Are the Teams that you manage showing any of the above signs?

On reflection, what are you going to do now?

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