Top Tips For Persuading

Top Tips for Persuading

Focus on the needs of the other party. Take time to listen to them carefully and find out what they want. This will show that you are really interested in them and as a result they are then more likely to trust and respect you. If they understand where you are coming from it makes it much easier to explain the benefits of what you are proposing.

Be logical. Nobody likes having to listen to absolute drivel – invest time and effort in good quality research on your ideas and what the other party wants along with what your competitors are offering. Logic makes the persuasion harder to challenge, refuse or ignore!

Avoid clumsy, poorly constructed and hesitant language. The weaker your language the weaker the message – make the message something the other party will want to remember. Never use “isn’t it”, “you know”, “um mm” and “I mean” – you look clumsy and badly prepared. Well, actually you are!

Always use positive rather than negative language. Why score an own-goal when you don’t have to e.g. “I agree with what you say but have you considered ….”

Be complimentary without professing undying love! Recognise strength in what the other party is saying as if nothing else it shows that you have done some good research which will be noted by the other side.

Use their Body Language. If you mirror the body language used by the other party this shows empathy and a strong level of connectivity on the message and its content. This needs to be done very carefully with the adage “Less is More”; really excessive mirroring looks as if you are deliberately mocking the other side which will quickly lose any advantage that you had gained.

Have a good memory. Remember names and job titles. This proves that you are serious and have recognised people as important parts of the Persuasion process.

Now get out there and Persuade!

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