What type of person are you?

Examine the two roles below and decide which one you currently are.

The Director.

Director people are in control of their lives and are actively involved in shaping it. What is in their lives is a direct result of their own free choice. Tasks and activities get done because they choose or want to do them and the outcomes of these actions are valuable to them. Directors plan ahead and visualise what they want from both life in general and from particular tasks or episodes. Goals are chosen that represent some, but not excessive, risk and where there is a good chance of a positive outcome. Directors control their own fate.

The Actor.

The Actor consistently feels that something or someone is in control of their fate and that all of their actions and efforts have been imposed upon them by some exterior force or presence. As such any outcomes are not of their making and will never give any sense of pride or achievement. They do not consider in any real sense the types of goals they wish to strive for as outcomes are not in their hands to control. They await the decision of the Gods.

Which one are you?

Having seen the two roles, what do you want to change?